I went to the cemetery today to “visit” my mom. I really hate saying that. I do not feel as if I am “visiting” her like I would go to my friend’s house. I do not feel like she is there and I think that is ok.

Some of you have asked me how do I do it? How am I strong and how do I live my life? Well, I honestly have no answer to that and let me also say that no one can ever tell you how to grieve and cope. Everyone is different and all of us have different relationships with our parents. Some of us are close and others are not. Me and my mom, as many of you know, are very close. I use the word “are” because I feel like the relationship between us has not disappeared, but shifted into a brighter light. I feel her everywhere I go.

She is in my heart. She is with me when I hear a beautiful song, when I see a hummingbird, when I look at a butterfly, when I put coconut oil in my hair, when I go to the nail salon, and when I go to sleep. I feel her when I look in the mirror — all I feel is love.

I hope and wish for those of you who have undergone a similar experience that you are open to feeling you parent(s) beside you at all times. No matter if you were estranged or not. Problems we have on this earth are just that- on this earth. The love that comes from beyond is strictly “beyond” anything we are capable of here on earth. We have to have the faith that the love always exists.

At the cemetery I looked at all of the other people who have passed on. Some from 2012 and others from 1912! Everyone had a life and nobody was the same. There were fresh flowers on some of them and dust on others. On this earth having this kind of resting place makes it easier for us — but “they” don’t need it.

Those who have passed do not need a specific place to come and see you.

They are with you as they please and are truly your guardian angels.

Some of you reading this may think it’s a bunch of bullshit and to you maybe it is. But if there is one person out there who understands — I know that it exists.

While being on this earth we are not meant to touch the other side (whatever you may believe in). We are here on this planet for whatever reason….as our loved ones who we have lost are somewhere else.

Always feel their love and always know they are by your side no matter what.