Long time no see! What's new? Well, a global pandemic, a wordly movement, juggling work, mental health, and so much more!

With so much happening in the world, I want to encourage you to take care of your mental health! Take this as a sign to start taking care of yourself again.

Here are 5 Things to do This Week for Your Mental Health:

1. Social distance socializing!
I am all for staying healthy and safe during the pandemic. I also do not think it is healthy to isolate ourselves in a time where we need each other the most. Pick one day this week to be "socially distant" with a friend. You can go on an outdoor walk together, go on the same bike path, go to the beach for outdoor activity, and so much more. Get creative and remember you need to talk to people!

2. Meditate!
I am guilty of telling others to do this and not doing it as much as I would like too. Today, I told myself I will take 12 minutes of my time to meditate. It was amazing! I used the Calm app and 12 minutes later went by quickly and completely changed my mood!

3. Take part!
Get involved with the community. Use your good graces to help change the world for the better. You don't have to go and be in physical contact with others, but you can support small businesses and the communities around you from your home.

4. Exercise!
I don't have to explain to you how important this is. Especially at a time where "quarantine 15" is now a real thing. Break a sweat, take a break. There are some awesome at-home workouts that many companies are moving to virtual! Try youtube, orange theory, corepower yoga, kayla itsines (my favorite workout ever!), etc.

5. Do something new!
Aren't you so sick and tired of binge-watching the same show? Or going on the same walking path every day? Try one new thing this week. It can be a new recipe (Fave website for yummy food!), a new workout, a new dating app, etc. Get creative! Let this new activity act as a divider for your day so they all stop feeling like one big day.

I hope these 5 tips help make your week a little brighter. It's up to YOU to put in the effort!

Also, I promise in the next week I will have a new video up and will share that with you soon! :)

Stay safe & healthy everyone!!