I read somewhere today that the only constant in the universe is change. I thought that was very touching to read. Throughout our lives we are always trying to adjust to change. Some of us can adjust a little bit easier than others. At some points in my life I have found it difficult to accept change. I enjoyed my routines and I admired my habits. I was also stagnant and felt stuck. When I am constantly in my routine I forget that in order to grow I need some change. A great way I know I can get out of my routine is by traveling. I love leaving my everyday environment once in a while in order to breathe some new air and surround myself with a new culture.


Now, the change you bring upon yourself does not have to be big. It can be something small such as ordering a different dish off the menu, taking a new route to work, or switching up your routine at the gym. Adding something new or adjusting something in your routine helps you open the door to more potential and helps you feel more fulfilled. It also builds your confidence.Have you ever felt really stuck in your life? Maybe you felt upset because you couldn’t get yourself out of a situation you could not control. Maybe you felt stuck or lost because you felt too comfortable and was afraid of the unknown.

The fear of the unknown can be very crippling.

Constantly thinking about the future can just bring up so much anxiety we do not know what to do with it. Change and the unknown go hand in hand. Most of the time when we are afraid of change it is because we don’t know what is going to happen. It can be fucking terrifying.


A great example of change and the fear of the unknown is being in an unhealthy relationship. Now, you know you shouldn’t be in this relationship for whatever reason, but you stay in it anyway. Why? Fear can cripple us and stagnate us. It can be the fear of the unknown, fear of not being friends with your ex, fear of being alone forever, or even the fear of living alone with 100 cats! I am guilty of staying in a relationship longer than I should have out of fear of the unknown. I do believe, however, we learn our lessons the way we were meant to learn them.

Everything that ends always prepares us for the next best thing.

Being positive about exiting that relationship helped me accept and be positive about a new change. Being excited to accept something new helps it disperse more happiness into our lives.


Growing up, I always loved going to the same restaurant and ordering the same exact thing. I would get the same dish because I knew that it was 100% going to be full proof delicious and there was no room for disappointment. At some point I started getting tired of ordering the same thing and thought to myself, “hey maybe it’s time to try something new.” That was challenging because that meant I had to leave what I know and take a risk. This example is very minimal, but can be applied to anything from taking on a new job to moving on from breakup to moving to a new city.Seeing change as something good can help you mentally prepare yourself to accept a new chapter. Change is beautiful. Embrace it!