I have to be honest here it has been a bit challenging to socialize more recently. Anyone else feel this way? I recently moved to a new city and I have been trying to challenge myself every day to be more social.  

As we get older, the more responsibilities we have and the more we get comfortable in our everyday lives. Cooking, cleaning, working, kids, and family are some of our duties. It has become harder and harder to make our friends and social lives a priority. It's even harder when we are home scrolling through Instagram and TikTok pretending to socialize.  (You read that right: that is NOT real socializing).

I am the first to admit I am a natural-born introvert. I enjoy being home and "recharging" my energy to face another social event. I also take pride in seeing friends, going to events, and being the occasional extrovert. For those of you looking for some tips and tricks on how to socialize as an introvert, you have come to the right place.


First, I want you to see that being an introvert is not a bad thing. Also, being an extrovert is not a bad thing. We are who we are and to enjoy our lives we must embrace our true selves. Socializing is a natural activity that when we do it more joy and happiness stirs in us. Socializing, even when we don't want too, makes us feel good!

10 Tricks For Making Socializing Easier:

1. Force Yourself to Go Out

This one is the most challenging for me. A little trick I like to do here is to make a plan and not allow myself to back out.

2. Create Goals

Writing down 2-3 weekly social goals will make you feel better and accomplished! Make them attainable and realistic. For example: "I will go to one lunch during the week with a friend and one dinner on the weekend with a different friend."

Creating and accomplishing goals makes you productive and motivated to continue socializing!

3. If You Need, Take a Break.

Sometimes the party you are attending may be too crowded for your taste and that's ok. If you are somewhere where it feels overwhelming then excuse yourself for a minute. You can go to the bathroom, outside, a patio, etc, as long as you take a moment to "re-charge".

4. Remind Yourself, Your Thoughts are NOT Facts!

With social anxiety, we are afraid of what others may think of us or if we are not socializing the "right" way. In these moments, remember, your thoughts are NOT facts. Because you have a thought, it does not mean it is true!

5. Find One Thing to Talk About

To ease yourself into a conversation pick one thing you like about the other person. For example, it can be that you like a piece of jewelry they are wearing or giving them a compliment.

6. Fake it 'Til You Make it

Sometimes we must act like an extrovert to get more social. If that's what it takes then do it.

7. Take a Friend!

You don't have to be alone in this! Take a trusted friend along to the event so you can have someone with you. Now, if you know you need to step out of your comfort zone then don't do this. Gage the situation and challenge yourself!

8. Join a Meet Up Group

There's an awesome website called Meetup.com

It is a great resource for joining groups of like-minded people. You can pick any kind of event YOU have an interest in and meet new friends! An alternative to meetup.com you can join a local community group, art, class, or anything on Groupon! Get creative!

9. Let Go of Your Expectations

Don't be so self-critical on what others will expect from you. Let it go and go with the flow!

10. Practice!

I encourage you to put yourself out there as much as you can. Practice socializing and take that first step!

Once you take the first step into putting yourself out there then the second step won't be as scary. You can do it!

I would love to hear your tips and experiences on socializing and how you make it easier for yourself! #ShareYourWisdom and leave a comment!