Link of Hearts & The 4 Pillars of Happiness

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month I am proud to help represent Link of Hearts. Link of Hearts raises awareness for depression and spreads hope one gift at a time. Like myself, they strive to inspire others to see their full potential and live a joyous, fulfilling, and happy life.

In a time where we are always on our cell phones and comparing ourselves to other people it gets hard to stay happy on the inside and boost our self-esteem. Link of Hearts inspired me to really practice my daily mantras everyday and motivating.

I have the beautiful Bar of Goodness necklace and choose 4 words to engrave in it.

The 4 words I chose are:
Self love

I chose self-love because…

self love (1)

Loving myself is the best thing I can do to have a fulfilling life. Without self-love it is difficult for me to be happy in my life and to love others. How can you give love others if you do not give love to yourself? It is always nice to have a reminder to love yourself. I encourage all kinds of self-esteem boosters and sometimes reading a word like “self-love” is a great reminder!

I chose courage because…

courage (1)

Have you ever seen the new Cinderella movie? Her mother tells her to, “have courage and be kind.” This movie is beautiful and touching. Since my mom passed away, I imagine she would have said something like that to me. When you have courage you feel supported to speak and raise your voice. I struggled with being shy for a very long time and living in a big city you have to have tough skin and stand up for yourself. This word inspires me to always stand up for myself.

I chose strength because…

strength (1)

It reminds me of the things I went through. I know I am strong when I don’t even see it. Understanding ones own strengths and weaknesses can help you grow and become a better person.

I chose grateful because…


I full heartedly believe in writing down what you are grateful for. When you have gratitude for what you have you allow yourself to be open to receiving bigger things from the universe.

Choosing 4 words that symbolize many things in my life help me foresee a happy and positive day. I love that I can just wear this around my neck and it becomes a reminder of the faith I have in myself.

For every product you purchase from Link of Hearts, they GIVE a bracelet with an inspirational message to someone battling depression or anyone in need of inspiration, as a symbol of HOPE.

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